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About the free trial and subscription

Is the trial free and how does it end?

Yes, the trial is totally free. You don’t need to provide any credit card or other payment details. The trial lasts for 15 days and allows you to create your website, add properties and test its features including the booking and payment systems. The trial period will end automatically after 15 days; there is no need for you to cancel it. Of course, if you have any questions during the trial period, our support team will be available to help.

How do I subscribe to Goliday?

You can start using Goliday with a 15-day free trial. However, feel free to purchase your website immediately after creating it in the live preview. If your free trial has expired, you can purchase one or more subscriptions either from your Host Area by clicking on ‘Upgrade’ or from My account / My subscriptions.

How do the subscriptions work?

You can subscribe to either a monthly or yearly plan. The website subscription includes a customizable website, a domain name and one property. Additional properties can be added by purchasing additional subscriptions. Just enter the amount of your properties before you order a plan.

Can I change from a yearly to a monthly payment plan?

Yes, you can change from monthly to yearly payments or from yearly to monthly payments at any time.

Which payment methods do you offer?

We accept payments by Mastercard, Visa, Discover and PayPal. For yearly plans, you can also pay by international bank wire or cheque (we only accept French cheques at the moment).

What is included in the Website plan?

Goliday is an all-in-one solution. With a Website plan you will get your own website including a free custom domain name. Your website includes all of Goliday’s state-of-the-art features such as the booking and payment systems and the calendar synchronization tool. The plan will also include all the hosting and maintenance costs for your website. Additionally, your properties will be listed on the Goliday marketplace, attracting more potential travelers.

Are there any setup fees?

No, there are no hidden costs. There are no setup fees for your website and no fees for additional functions. Your plan has everything included.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! If you select a yearly plan, you will get a 20% discount. Additionally, the price per property decreases as you add more properties (see tiered prices above).

Can I cancel my subscriptions?

Sure, you can cancel subscriptions at any time. To cancel, go to the Host Area and cancel your automatic subscription renewal. You can also cancel your basic subscription to Goliday, which includes your website, up to 30 days before your next billing date.

About your website

What do I need to get started?

Not a lot. Pictures of your property, nightly rates and a description is a great start. Our website maker allows you to design and publish your site online in minutes. No technical skills are needed to build your website; our intuitive website maker guides you through the process step-by-step. After subscribing, be ready to schedule bookings and receive payments.

Can I change my website design later?

Of course. You can select a different customizable template or make adjustments to your current one. You can change your logo, adjust your colors, font and other details at any time from your Host Area, free of charge.

From which web address will my website be available?

During your free trial, your website will have a Goliday web address e.g.: If you wish to keep your website and purchase a subscription, it will include your dedicated domain name e.g.:

I already have a domain name. Can I connect it to my website?

Yes, you can connect your existing domain name to your website. You will find step-by-step instructions in your Host Area. If you need any assistance, our support team would be glad to help you.

What if I have questions while building my website?

Our website maker is intuitive and easy-to-use, guiding you step-by-step through the process. Nevertheless, our support team is available by live chat, email or phone and is glad to assist you with any questions.

I want a fully customized website. Is this possible?

Our website maker offers seven customizable templates, which enable you to create a website that fits your taste and style. Nevertheless, if none of these templates work for you, please contact our support team who will send you a quotation to implement your specific design needs.