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About Goliday

Goliday is the perfect tool for owners of vacation rentals. It combines the power of a marketplace and a dedicated website to promote holiday rentals online and to manage the requests with ease.

About The Company

Goliday is part of the INTUITIVI SAS group and has been founded in 2010 in France by two young European entrepreneurs who have developed an all-in-one solution for owners of holiday rentals. The project wants to make professional websites affordable for owners in order for them to become more independent from the popular booking platforms who charge high commission rates. The project has been supported by the region of Corsica and the European Union.

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Phone Numbers:
France: +33 4 20 13 00 00
Germany: +49 30 98 28 94 12
Austria: +43 720 88 15 46
UK: +44 20 34 45 55 00

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