Useful tips for renting your accommodation

Increase direct bookings with your website, here’s how.

Good photos are essential for marketing your accommodation on Instagram.

In tourism, you only have one chance to make a good first impression on your guests. It is known that potential guests first analyse photos and price before reading a detailed description…

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Embellish the description of your accommodation, because “Content is King”.

A particularly detailed description of your accommodation as well as a short description of your photos not only offers added value for your potential guests…

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Reduce your dependence on platforms with Instagram.

The big top dogs like or Airbnb are undoubtedly important to get your first bookings. The price for these successes is high…

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First steps to promote your holiday home on Instagram: It’s easy!

Instagram can be a real booking turbo for your holiday home – here’s what you should keep in mind: Take good photos of your accommodation as well as of yourself as the host…

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Your Instagram profile for your holiday home: Photos of your accommodation are important – but go beyond that!

Potential customers form their first impression from pictures: in seconds, the visitor to your profile knows whether he or she can imagine spending a holiday with you…

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Idea for marketing your holiday accommodation on Instagram: Stories from satisfied customers.

Good photos, a precise listing of the facilities and a presentation about you as a host will undoubtedly impress your potential guests…

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Covid-19 requires adjustments in the area of renting out your holiday home.

We are all confident: the second half of 2021 will bring a bit of normality back into the tourism sector. Nevertheless, flexibility will still be the trump card despite vaccination progress…

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In special times, holiday home landlords need to develop confidence-building measures such as a hygiene plan.

The pandemic has undoubtedly created one of the biggest tourism crises, it’s up to you to put fears to rest, because one thing is clear: people long for holidays,..

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In difficult times, communication with your guests is trump.

The pandemic has hit tourism hard, yet the need for a holiday is there more than ever. Rules, restrictions and concerns about one’s own health raise many questions…

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